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Expert Witness Fees & Costs

Ms. Bornn’s expert witness fees are $400/hour for testimony, $350/hour for consultation and preparation for testimony, plus expenses.  A $4,000.00 non-refundable retainer is due upon (1) retention or designation, (2) first work performed, or (3) when her or her firm is identified as the expert, and/or her name is disclosed as a potential expert on behalf of the disclosing party to opposing counsel or to a third party (such as a Mediator, Arbitrator or Judge).

Nancy Bornn A Law Corporation Tax ID No. 95-3990625

Ms. Bornn is a court-qualified

expert witness on workplace issues.

As an expert witness, Ms. Bornn has testified and evaluated, among other issues, workplace investigations, harassment, discrimination, and retaliation prevention programs, complaint procedures, accommodation issues, performance evaluations, disciplinary action decisions, and employee terminations. She has also testified as an expert witness in legal malpractice cases involving the standard of care for employment lawyers in California.

Ms. Bornn is also a qualified trainer for the mandatory anti-harassment training required by the California Fair Employment and Housing Act, Government Code § 12950.1, and has presented the training to employer management groups, as well as to individuals requiring one-on-one counseling.

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Hechanova v. Gateways Hospital and Mental Center (S.H./Retal)
Bernard Alexander, Esq. and Lauren Abrams, Esq.
LASC Case No. BC 418626
Deposition August 22, 2011

Chavez v. Rite –Aid (ADA)
Cara Eisenberg, Esq.
OCSC 30-2010-00346766
Deposition April 15, 2011

Withrow v. Chrome Hearts (SH)
Barbara Hadsell, Esq.
LASC SC 099035
Deposition October 2010

Taylor v. Inner City Educ. Foundation (Retaliation for wage demand)
Cassandra Zappaterrano, Esq.
LASC Case No.: BC425107
Deposition: October 2010

Wendy Rea v. Wedbush Morgan Securities, Inc. (Gender, Age Disc)
Patricio Barrera, Esq.
FINRA Dispute Resolution Arbitration: 09-00630
Testimony: June 2010

Georgina Jiminez v. Reiter Berry Farms, Inc. (SH)
Lisel Holdenried, Esq. CRLA
JAMS Arbitration No 1220047522
Arbitration September 11, 2014

Suzanne Golden v. Lewis Brisbois Bisgaard & Smith (SH/Retal.)
H. Steven Schiffres, Esq.
AAA Case No. 72 1600065711 ANRO
Arbitration November 2013

Hechanova v. Gateways Hosp. & Mental  Health Center (Retal.)
Lauren Abrams, Esq. and Bernard Alexander, Esq.
LASC Case No. BC 418626
LASC Trial November 19, 2012

Perez/Carbone v. Ontario Cemetery Assoc. (Retal)
Daren Lipinsky, Esq.
SBSC Case No. CIVRS1103416, CIVRS1200250
Arbitration October 3, 2012

West & Zampella v. Activision (W.T.)
Robert Schwartz, Esq. O’Melveny & Myers
LASC Case No. SC107041
Deposition March 29, 2012

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