testified and

– Court-Qualified Expert Witness

Nancy Bornn Is An Expert Witness

Ms. Bornn Is A Court-Qualified Expert Witness On Workplace Issues.

As an expert witness, Ms. Bornn has testified and evaluated for both plaintiff and defense counsel, among other issues, workplace investigations, harassment, discrimination, and retaliation prevention programs, complaint procedures, interactive process and accommodation issues, performance evaluations, disciplinary action decisions, and employee terminations. She has also testified as an expert witness in legal malpractice cases involving the standard of care for employment lawyers in California. As of January 2022, Ms. Bornn is focusing on new matters only involving the adequacy of workplace investigations and related issues.

References are available upon request.

Expert Witness Fees & Costs: $600/Hour

As of January 1, 2022, Ms. Bornn’s expert witness fees are $600/hour, plus expenses. A $6,000.00 non-refundable retainer is due upon (1) retention or designation, (2) first work performed, or (3) when her or her firm is identified as the expert, and/or her name is disclosed as a potential expert on behalf of the disclosing party to opposing counsel or to a third party (such as a Mediator, Arbitrator or Judge).

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