Workplace Investigator
HR Expert Witness
Trainer & Coach
- Playa Del Rey, California

        Nancy Bornn has retired and closed her firm as of June 30, 2023. She thanks all of her clients and colleagues for enabling her to choose a job she loved and never having to “work” a day in her life.

About Nancy

Nancy Bornn has retired. She is a former AWI-Certificate Holder and attorney workplace investigator, qualified Human Resource Expert Witness, and EEO Trainer & Coach

Over 30 years of diverse legal experience and professional achievements in the employment field make Nancy Bornn stand out as a leader in each of these fields.

Who She Is

Ms. Bornn dedicates her practice to:

  • Conducting prompt, thorough, and objective workplace investigations,
  • Providing expert witness testimony and consultation in employment cases, and
  • Conducting one-on-one training and counseling on anti-harassment and anti-discrimination matters.

Please Contact Nancy Bornn at Your Convenience with Any Inquiries about Her Services.

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