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Over 30 years of diverse legal experience and professional achievements in the employment field make Nancy Bornn stand out as a leader in workplace investigations.

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What She Does

Ms. Bornn conducts independent workplace investigations of complaints of harassment, discrimination, retaliation and other alleged wrongdoings in the workplace.   She makes factual findings and if requested, will make recommendations on remedial action.  She also testifies as an expert witness regarding HR standards on the reasonable steps to be taken to prevent, correct, and remediate workplace harassment, discrimination, and retaliation.   She also provides one-on-one counseling and training to executives, managers and supervisors as part of remedial action plans.​

Who She Is

Ms. Bornn is an attorney who dedicates her practice to:

  • conducting  prompt, thorough, and objective workplace investigations,
  • providing expert witness testimony and consultation in employment cases, and
  • conducting one-on-one training and counseling on anti-harassment and anti-discrimination matters.

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